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InnerFlow Yoga - Chakra Series

  • Ookushana Workshop 98 Harrogate Road Leeds, England, LS7 4LZ United Kingdom (map)

A unique seven week course of powerful Yoga Workshops.

Commit to seven weeks of health, well-being and bliss, or drop into the chakra of your choice. 

In each week's InnerFlow chakra workshop we will flow through a specially designed flow sequence. The sequences will be inspired by a different chakra each week, allowing us to really connect with our mind, body, and emotions.



Arrival from 3.45pm

 4pm-5.15pm InnerFlow Chakra Yoga Sequence.

 5.15-5.30p debrief/sharing & social. 


Week 1: Sunday 22nd October, Root Flow (Muladhara Chakra)

Week 2: Sunday 29th October, Sacral Flow (Svadhisthana Chakra)

Week 3: Sunday 5th November, Solar Flow (Manipura Chakra)

Week 4: Sunday 12th November, Heart Flow (Anahata Chakra)

Week 5: Sunday 19th November, Throat Flow (Vishuddha Chakra)

Week 6: Sunday 26th November, Third Eye Flow (Ajna Chakra)

Week 7: Sunday 3rd December, Crown Flow (Sahasrara Chakra)


We will connect to each Chakra intention through the yoga postures chosen, colour, visulisations, mantras, music, aromas and scents.  The flow yoga sequence was inspired by founder Chelsey's multi-style teacher training encompassing a range of yoga styles, tools and techniques accessible to all. These chakra workshops build upon the InnerFlow yoga classes.

This is an intimate course with 10 spaces in a unqiue venue;  the Ookushana workshop a little hidden Oasis in Chapel Allerton which adds many layers to your yogic experience with us. A space where new friendships and connections can be build over the seven weeks, as we progress together.

There is the option for you to drop into these workshops, choosing the chakra you would like to work on. 



£70.00 for whole course pay with the buy now button below or £15 drop in. You can drop in as many times as you like! 

Option to also transfer to or pay in cash at the class.


More Info about the weekly workshops: 

Week 1: The Root Flow - Muladhara


The Chakras are wheels of spirialling energy of the subtle body.

Becoming aware of this other layer of ourselves and our reality can be extremely powerful when we reflect inwardy, helping us to better understand our outer actions and the world/life we manifest for ourselves.

Imbalances in the chakras can lead to problems physically, mentally and emotionally.

When balancing the root chakra we will be addressing the following key themes:

  • Foundations in our yoga practice, and in our lives.
  • Survival instincts. Our needs and necessities.
  • Earth element, our connection to mother nature. 
  • Security, safety. 
  • Colour Red. 
  • Anger, frustration, fear, trust.  
  • The home, childhood patterns.  
  • Addictions/patterns/routines.
  • Stability/flexibility. 
  • Motivations, Reliability, Materialism

These themese will be broken down into 4 parts within the InnerFlow Yoga sequence: 

1) Intro to chakras. 2) Awareness. 3) Surrender & Release. 4) Cultivating stability, security & freedom.

Week 2: The Sacral Flow - Svadhisthana

When balancing the sacral chakra we will be addressing the following key themes: 

  • I feel. 
  • Relationships.
  • Water element.
  • Taste.
  • The Moon. 
  • Going with the flow.
  • Orange.
  • Pleasure, emotions, sexuality, joy, creativity.  
  • Possessiveness, expansiveness, self-respect. Frigidity, lower back. Shame.
  • Empathy, genuine intimacy, mutually empowering relationships, passion for life, willingness to share ability to initiate. 

What are your desires? Do you feel freedom to express your emotions? Are you creative? 

These themes will be broken down into two parts to the session, the release and feeling the flow.


Week 3: Solar Flow- Manipura Chakra

When balancing the solar plexus chakra we will be addressing the following key themes:

•    I can, I do. 
•    Sense: Sight.
•    Fire element.
•    Yellow. 
•    The Sun. 
•    Power & Will.
•    Anger, Guilt, passion, trust.   
•    Self-worth.
•    digestive sytem, liver, muscles
•    Just below the sternum and above the navel.
•    10 Petal lotus. 
•    Seat of power, will power, self-perception, transformation. 
•    "I burn brightly, centered in my passions with the world. I can, I am, and I do".

These key themes will be explored through seven key steps; create, transformation, trust, unchanging aspect, growth, relationships and concentration. 


Week 4: Heart Flow - Anahata Chakra

To balance the heart chakra we will be addressing the following key themes: 


  • I love. 
  • Sense: touch.
  • Element: air 
  • Colour: pink/green. 
  • Venus. 
  • Self-love.
  • bitterness, grief, joy love.   
  • Self-love.
  • bitterness, grief, joy love.   
  • Self-worth.
  • circulatory system.  Asthma. 
  • 12 Petal lotus flower. 
  • Center of your chest.
  • unconditional love, gratitude, joy, empathy, loyalty, forgiveness.  
  • "I am love. I radiate love for myself, for all other living organisms and for planet earth.

These themes will be explored through 7 key steps: Balance between the masculine and feminine, flowing from the heart not the head, what's your passion, giving and receiving, fears, letting go, opening the heart, feeling the bliss. 


Week 5: Throat Flow - Vishuddha Chakra

When balancing the throat chakra we will be addressing the following key themes: 

•    I communicate
•    Sense: Sound.
•    Food: fruit.
•    Colour: blue
•    16 petal lotus flower.
•    Communication with ourselves and others.
•    Expressing what we need to, what we are able to, what we want to express.
•    Courage, frustration. 
•    Ear, nose, throat. 
•    The thyroid gland that regulates processing of energy in the body through temperature, growth, metabolism.
•    Self-expression. 
•    non verbal communication. 
•    Your truth, authenticity, bringing forth creative passions and expressing our emotions. 
•    Aligning vision with reality.
•    Unbalanced: Cunning, frustration at inadequate communication, withdrawal from the emotions into the mind, shyness, speaking too bluntly. 
•    Balanced: Always voicing the truth, being listened too, Hearing what has been said, inspirational communication. 


These themes will be explored through seven steps purification, communication, the heart, letting go, balance, trust, focus and concentration. 


Week 6: Third Eye Flow: Ajna Chakra.

  • Ajna means perception. 
  • I perceive, I see. 
  • Sixth sense.
  • vision.
  • Psychic
  • Intuition
  • Food: Fasting, hallucinogenics.
  • Element: light
  • colour: indigo
  • Self responsibility, eye problems, headaches, nightmares, sinusitis, visions, clear, calm, confusion, inadequacy.
  • Pituitary gland. 
  • Eyes.

Week 7: Crown Flow - Sahasrara Chakra

We will be balancing the crown chakra by addressing the flowing key themes: 

•    Know the unknown.
•    Conscious of the infinite
•    We Are All One. 
•    All the other chakras in one. 
•    The chakra of knowing. 
•    Sahasrara – infinite. 
•    Pineal gland.
•    Brain, nervous system.
•    Divine Knowledge and understanding, acceptance, bliss. 
•    I accept, I know. 
•    Fasting.
•    Colour: Violet or white. 
•    Uranus. 
•    Human Being
•    Apathy, alienation, close-minded, symptoms without physical cause.
•    Bliss, despair, doubt, joy, peace.
•    Self-consciousness. 
•    Unbalanced: abuse of lower life forms, animals doubt, denial of spiritual realm. Religious extremism. 
•    Balanced: Bliss, being in but not of this world, experience of all as one, integration, expression, actualization of such peak experiences, saintliness, Samadhi. 

Earlier Event: October 19
Later Event: November 9
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