Ethical Fashion

The Slow Fashion Show Lancaster was held Saturday 20th October at Ashton Hall (Town Hall building).  

The event aimed to ‘increase the visibility of Small Business created by skilled ladies’ while creating a ‘friendly and sustainable fashion environment’.

fashion show2.JPG

Where do you buy your clothes from? & who made them? were the ethical fashion questions for Eco-friendly fashion for a fairer world!

The great event ethos was beautifully interwoven throughout the Fashion Show specifically with the heart capturing story teller interlude and the ‘Slow Fashion’ brand image brought to life with the opening mysterious black & white coat catwalk pose, with red hat that matched the striking poster design (see bottom pic).  

fashion show3.JPG

For 50p entry you could browse the community stalls in the day, where you could meet the skilled ladies and browse the ethical fashions in safe walls for your carefully chosen consumer choices or whimsical buys of sky blue dresses!

For £15 ticket including free prosecco you could attend the show from 7pm! If you only attended the day, you definitely missed out, as the evening had a whole different feel to it.

After eager attendees purchased their yellow raffle tickets, for the chance to win three fantastic prizes, the evening got underway.  With lighting and funky beats the range of outfits from a variety of ethical and hand-made designers/shops from the North West region entertained and delighted the eyes, up and down, and around the catwalk. From knowing your timeless staples, to multi-cultural prints and harem pants to plastic bottle top gowns and accessible second hand Oxfam, there was a diverse range for everyone.

fashion show.JPG

The fashion show was cleverly and creatively put together, while the outfits clearly expressed individuality, the Halloween theme nicely sewed it altogether… back-dropped perfectly with the dramatic Ashton Town Hall room.  

Not too sure if a flash mob can still be called a flash mob when introduced :) but, some elegant sass was a welcomed treat when the catwalk turned into a dancefloor. It had a few arms and shoulders moving in the audience, with Wuthering heights now on the winter film watch list.


The moment of the show was stolen on the glowing face of one particular designer wearing her own designed and handmade dress from recycled material, that was the perfect fit, with an incredible wand in hand.

Boi! oh boi! Did she OWN IT. If you’ve ever made and worn your own clothing perhaps you know that feeling.

As the story teller said, our clothing is where our physical body meets the rest of the world, the boundary between self and other, the expression of self, indivi-duality.

Let this be your invitation to get creative, or get that 80’s outfit back out of the wardrobe!


Thank you to all the beautiful REAL models, that showed body confidence is about being yourself!

Well done The Growing Club C.I.C and Artisan Bazaar for creating the show.

This was the first of an annual event so you can look forward to next years and have a whole year to get designing an outfit!

Thank You for reading.