1. InnerSense Signature Massage


Holistic Full Body Massage including the Feet.

(Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Feet, Legs, Face, Top/back of Head)

An extremely powerful oil massage experience that merges traditional eastern and western techniques, with intuitive guidance and meditative yogic practices. 

Herbal & essential oil aromatherapy, incense/oil aromas and Indian chill-out mantra music all work in combination with the massage to ease you into a surrendering meditative relaxation!


40 Euros for 30 mins, 50 for one hour.

A deep back massage, can be light and relaxing or deep and invigorating you choose.

(Back, arms, hands, shoulders)

Reset and restore from work and home life by relieving those knots at the tops of the shoulders and upper back, known as an imbalance in the wind element in eastern philosophy related to the over active mind. The back, home to the central nervous system, is responsible for all the communication signals around the body that lets us know what’s going on where, how we are feeling. A very common place for tension to be held, yet extremely refreshing when released. 


60 Euros for 60 minutes

A Holistic full body massage (no feet).

(back, arms, hands, legs, shoulders, neck, face, top of the chest and face).

Take time for you to release, rejuvenate and see what you really want, igniting your creative potential and zest for life. Rather than focusing a specific problem area, the harmonising massage fully rejuvenates all 12 systems of the body. It truly integrates the intricate interconnection of the mind, body and emotions, appreciating human sensitivity and inter-connection with the environment.

4. Reiki

50 euros for 60 minutes

Emotional Relaxation technique using sacred geometry. In this treatment you stay clothed relaxing on the massage table. Hands are places above the energy centres of the body to release trauma and emotional blockages from the body.

Distance reiki is also offered where you find somewhere comfortable at your house, and we start with a phone call/video call and then you enjoy the relaxation. Magic.

*5 minute Consultation included in all our therapies.

***Please note our prices my vary slightly depending on your chosen VENUE! We also have a 20 Euro call out fee should your booking be outside of our usual schedule.


Distance Reiki
from 15.00


InnerSense Massage was a new experience for me and I would highly recommend Therapist Chelsey as she provides a holistic experience, working on tensions physically mentally and spiritually. Her friendly approach to the clients along with insightful tarot card reading, helps develop an intention for the massage allowing to focus on letting go of mental blocks while she craft fully works on physical blocks. Chelsey has a wonderful sense of touch and her massage is a wonderful relaxing experience. 

Asif Esra, PHD Student Leeds University. 




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Available on Thursdays and Saturdays, other days may be possible on request.