Book Now: InnerSense Massage

Book Now: InnerSense Massage

from 40.00

Please wear comfortable clothes, easy to remove for the massage, warm and cosy to put on after. 

Two choices: Power Massage shorter back massage or Harmonising longer full body massage.


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Harmonising Massage - £65.00 :

Holistic Full Body Massage: Back, Shoulders, arms, hands, legs, neck, face and feet with acupressure points, 90 minutes session.


Tibetan Power Massage - £50.00 :

Back, shoulders, arms and hands: release tension and knots. 75 minute session.

***Both sessions include a warming drink.

Please email or call 07917473023 to arrange the date and time for your massage. Other days other than specificed are possible on request. We will send you a confirmation email with the address and instructions on how to find us.