Shivananda Yoga

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Shivananda is designed to work your body in perfect harmony and balance. Shivananda consists of proper breathing (pranayama) and warming Suns Salutations to start followed by 12 heart opening postures (Asanas) ending with a guided body scan meditation (proper relaxation).

The essence of the Shivananda sequence is its rhythmical alternation between stimulating stretches and deep relaxation. 'The deeper you work in the intense stretch fired by the pranayama that connects the body to its battery, the solar plexus, the sweeter the relaxation'.

The rhythmical alternation is key to releasing tense muscles and activating the para-symphatic cooling nervous system that allows for recuperation. At the end of the sequence in Savasana, allow yourself to take time to absorb the effects of the practice in deep relaxation, acknowledging the rest and repair process flitering into every cell of the body.



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As a result of asana, you begin to understand your own body language. The body develops its own sensitivity and knows whether the food you eat is ‘right’ or not. Your internal clock regulates your schedule precisely, and your body lets you know if you’re exercising too much, if you’re sleeping too much and so forth. Inner Quest p.68