InnerSense Signature Yoga

Creative yoga sequences designed for balance and modern day living, inspired by two main traditional yoga styles (Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Sivananda Yoga), as well as taking inspiration from many other old and new eastern and western yoga styles. All our InnerSense classes have the following key theme and structures: authentic pranayama (breathing) techniques, Kundalini Warm ups, asanas (postures) and a range of meditation techniques (visualisations and mudras).

Ignite the senses and connect to your INNER SENSE!

Transition gracefully between active strength and passive relaxation postures, flowing in an almost dance-like manor, with chill-out mantra music, Indian aromas and invigorating essential oils. 

Inner Flow Yoga

Connect to the water element, A FRESH take on the popular Vinyasa Flow Yoga. A fun up-beat energising class for flexibility and flow; ignite freedom and improve balance both on and off the mat. 

Sivananda Yoga

Connect to the fire element, A Fresh take on the traditional Sivananda yoga for inner STRENGTH, back strength and heart opening; know your boundaries and release emotional tension.



Four & seven week immersive yoga experiences. Fusing our two styles of Yoga with Chakra Philosophy, to deepen your practice, specific focus on emotional empowerment bringing you back to balance physically and mentally.

Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Connect to the seasons, the elements and monthly new moon and full moon cycles incorporating balancing pranayama, ignite the senses meditation, intuitive yoga, meditation sharing circles and super-food treats & refreshments. Retreats incorporate our two styles of InnerSense Yoga above, Workshops, afternoon meditation sessions and Yoga Dance Parties; bringing you the ultimate INNERSENSE EXPERIENCE.

To understand we must experience. We must feel it in the body not just know it in the mind.



InnerFlow yoga led by instructor Chelsey is a truly wonderful experience, while moving in flow it feels like the time has  stopped allowing me to focus on myself and my body instead of the stresses of daily life. Her support during the class allows even a beginner like me to learn new postures with ease and to be constantly conscious of breathing. I would truly recommend the class if you are looking to become physically stronger but also want to attain a peace of mind.

Esra Asif. 

PHD Student at Leeds University.







One to One Yoga
from 25.00

One to One Yoga session.

Enjoy being guided through an InnerSense Yoga session a mix between Hatha and Flow Yoga. Personally tailored to you, what you want and what your mind & body needs.

This is available online and in person!